Community Cilik Short Course: Empowering Young Minds in Melaka

27 March 2024

18 Mac 2024, Klebang Besar – A total of 293 primary school students in the vicinity of Melaka participated in the Community Cilik Short Course during the recent school holidays at Tangga Batu Community College. The courses included Brave Speaking Course, Basic PowerPoint and Word Course, Poster Design Course – Canva, Smart Solat Course, Smart Solat Jemaah Course, Smart Fasting & Tarawikh Course, and Kids Summer Camp Course. These courses were conducted on weekdays from Monday to Saturday, from 8.00 am to 1.00 pm.

The Brave Speaking Course trained students to communicate in English. The Basic PowerPoint Course taught the basics of presentation software. The Basic Word Course taught the basics of word processing software. The Basic Canva Course taught the use of the Canva website for creating posters. The Smart Solat Course trained students in the basics of prayer and congregational prayer. The Smart Fasting & Tarawih Course taught the basics of fasting and performing Tarawikh prayers. The Kids Summer Camp Course taught the basics of knot tying, camping crafts, and survival cooking at Pantai Puteri, Klebang.

The course instructors consisted of lecturers in the field of Tourism Adventure Certificate (SPL) and General Studies unit who were dedicated and friendly to the community cilik.

The director of KKTB, Sharini Zakaria said that this course received the most encouraging response from parents around Klebang and this is the second edition since she moved here in July 2023. She congratulated all the college staff, especially the Lifelong Education unit, and said that holistic education starts from an early age. The fee for this course was as low as RM 5, which is a reasonable price paid by parents, and the cilik participants also received a digital certificate.

Some comments from parents in the cilik community about these courses include thanking for the beneficial knowledge for their children, finding the courses very interesting and ready to join again in the future, the children enjoyed joining the camp and had never done something like this before, and requesting to share pictures on social media.

“It is delightful to see the young community participating in a summer camp by the beach, Being taught camping skills by highly skilled educators, Come on, little ones, come and join our short courses, Where else but at Tangga Batu Community College!”


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