Human-in the shift for Artificial Intelligence era

20 July 2023

As we progress through the development of technology and communication, we must also be prepared for some possibilities where some types of jobs will begin to disappear. Some countries that are leading the market and economy today such as China and America are actively implementing research and innovation (RND) in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) which is futuristic, is seen to be able to improve the standard of living of society in the future. President Donald Trump, during his administration has already announced their initiative in dominating the 5G network technology race.

Back to AI, this increasingly modern and intelligent computer system is known as Artificial Intelligence (AI) which means Non-Biological Intelligence. In general, this intelligence leads to the ability to complete a complex objective or mission. To begin with, this complex task begins as listening, recording, translating, saving, and becomes more complex when it begins to have the ability to learn and progress. As a result of these few years, indirect AI intervention has already existed around us through technology such as smartphones, computers, even video games such as Chess Game and hundreds of other types of games. The company that pioneered AI has not only generated millions of dollars in profits but has also opened a breakthrough for more advanced Intelligence in the future, which has human-like abilities (cognitive ability).

Despite efforts to empower this AI to a better level for the future, there is no doubt that there is also a group that is uncomfortable, known as AI Paranoia, who feel that if AI fails to be controlled and deviates from its objective, it will bring harm to humans. Larry Page, a corporate figure from the tech giant Google said that AI Paranoia will only delay the phase of life called Digital Utopia by Max Tegmark, author of the book titled the ‘Life 3.0 Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence’. Digital Utopia is easy to tell, that is a phase change of life to a natural digital narrative. It is quite difficult to stem the current of modernization but must learn to accept change with integration and assimilation prudently.

Elon Musk, once asked Larry Page, what makes him so confident that AI will not destroy what we have in the future? Larry cynically calls Elon a “specieist” for seeing non-biologicals as inferior simply because they are silicon based as opposed to carbon-based. Their discussion continued until the outbreak of a movement that promotes the goodness of AI (The Beneficial of AI Movement. This movement has also gathered academics, AI researchers from all over the world such as Stuart Russel, businessmen from giant technology companies such as Google, Elon Musk (TESLA), Jaan Tallin (Skype) and many more to enlighten in more detail about the benefits of AI to society thus eliminating misunderstandings about AI through a conference held in Puerto Rico in 2015.

This writing intends to give impression that technology with futuristic attributes has already started creeping into our lives today, especially in developed countries and will continue to permeate and become the backbone of the formation of a new phase of life for the next century. Even more interesting, there have been so many western films that have applied futuristic elements; among which the popular ones are, I Robot, Terminator, The Matrix and the hot one now, The Avengers. Some of these films also give an idea of how dangerous it is if this AI fails to be fully controlled and potentially causes chaos. However, it is only a movie plot but should not be taken lightly. To some extent we are given an idea of the existence of this AI through films.

Tegmark gives an idea of the evolution of AI in this world as to the ocean while human energy is like the hills on the shore. The volume of the ocean will slowly increase due to global warming and the melting of polar ice and will then flood the hills on the coast. Likewise, AI, according to him, the progress of AI is something that cannot be avoided, inevitable.

If the digital phase continues to develop, we must be prepared to witness some jobs that will be eliminated as human power is slowly replaced by robotic resources with AI programs capable of performing the work. Some types of repetitive job positions such as in factories have been using robotic systems extensively to increase production while reducing the human effort. In the United States alone, Wallmart, a giant supermarket in the U.S.A has already started to implement its first steps in using robots in one of their sales stores and plans to expand the use of robots in other sales stores across the country. It is certain that AI and technology will facilitate human affairs both in the employment and business sectors, education, and lifestyle.

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