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06 September 2023

THE integration of technology into education offers valuable opportunities, but there are pressing issues that need to be addressed, namely:

Distraction and dependency

Although technology can be a useful tool for learning, too much dependence on it can have negative effects.

Distractions from electronic devices and social media platforms can interfere with student focus and productivity.

It is important to teach time management skills and healthy self-awareness among students.

Adequate teacher training

Teachers play a key role in integrating technology into learning. However, not all teachers have the skills and knowledge necessary to use technology effectively.

Adequate training is necessary for teachers to integrate technology into their teaching.

Relevant, quality content

The availability of technology is not synonymous with the availability of relevant and high-quality educational content.

Often, there is a gap between technological advances and educational content adapted to the curriculum. It is important for developers and publishers to create high-quality educational resources that match curriculum and student needs.

Accessibility and the digital divide

Although technology has become more common, there is still an accessibility gap between urban and rural areas, as well as between different socioeconomic groups.

Some students may not have adequate access to computer devices or a stable Internet connection, which may limit their participation in technology-based learning.

Data security and privacy

The use of technology in education involves the collection and processing of student data. Data security and privacy are important issues to consider.

Educational institutions must have clear policies on the collection, use and storage of student data to protect their privacy.

Evaluation and assessment

The use of technology in learning often requires a different approach to evaluation and assessment. Determining an effective way to assess student progress and achievement in a technology-based learning environment can be challenging.

It is important to develop fair and reliable evaluation methods to accurately measure student achievement.

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Dr.Nurul Ihsaniah Omar
Politeknik Seberang Perai

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